Andrew Strok came up with a laser that would make fruit flies sing and dance

Imagine that you are a fruit fly that is looking for its way to the place of the next feast on overripe products. Suddenly, from nowhere, the light of Indigo covers you. You immediately forget about fruits and together to spoil them with your presence, you begin to dance. You, of course, are not a small insect and you were not abducted by aliens. But a device that will make fruit flies dance, as if hypnotized, is still invented. Dr. Andrew Stri did this to the delight of farmers, summer residents, sellers of fruits and all of humanity.

Together with colleagues at the Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna and a traveled team from the United States, Dr. Stri developed a system operating on the basis of a laser that controls the consciousness of fruit flies. The device was called Flymad that literally can be translated as a “crazy fly”, although the abbreviation as a whole deciphens as a “device that changes the mind of a fly”. The system uses video cameras that monitor the movement of several flies in a closed space. Putting lasers specially tuned on them, researchers can cause heat and light that are associated with nerves in the brain of every fly.

In the future, Dr. Str hope to have a more serious influence on flies, although to our happiness, his equipment will not work on more complex forms of life, for example, a person. Fruit flies are all-depth candidates for management due to the possibility of their control by light, and the flies themselves, participating in the experiment, were genetically changed.

The technology can help save the house from Drosophils, which is wonderful, since getting rid of fruit flies is sometimes quite difficult, especially in country houses. Когда подобные устройства придут на помощь дачникам говорить очень трудно, так как технология еще находится на стадии лабораторных разработок. But who knows, maybe special systems will soon appear that quickly and without any chemicals will save our homes from any form of insects. Imagine a world where you do not need to hang mosquito nets on the windows and protect the doors with screens from insects? Great, isn’t it? This is a good little dream, which is shared with you a project at the eve of the summer.