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4 signs of good thermal underwear

Winter makes you put on pants on two tights, a jacket on a sweater, a sweater for a shirt, a shirt under a shirt. Feeling yourself cabbage, one could go out and not be afraid of frosts. True, limited body movements did the very point of the cold – neither turn around nor lean.

All problems ended with the advent of thermal underwear. Warming, thin, not constraining. It remains only to choose.


Clothing should be natural – pleasant to the body, no allergies and irritations. But thermal underwear pursues other goals – warm. Cotton pants also warm, but if you sweat, then all your stay on the street you will feel that very moisture and cold. Synthetics cannot do this, because it repels water.

There are many types of materials: polyester, polypropylene, teteron, microfiber. Better than all polypropylene – he has zero absorption. Manufacturers sometimes add wool or cotton to artificial fabric – this is not a minus, but a more pleasant sensation to the body.

Two -layer

The fabric canvas for thermal underwear is not always smooth. There are options as with a waffle towel – a small air gap is created. From a design point of view, it is beautiful, from a practical one – less warms.

Two -layer fabric is the best basis for thermal underwear. Inside the polymer material – it breathes and removes moisture. The outer layer is a cellular structure that retains air, and this is additional thermal insulation.

The canvas itself looks mesh or into a rub. For a winter walk, it can be too expensive, and for relaxing at a ski resort – the most then.


Everything is individual here: for sports, for walking, for jogging. Professional sports thermal underwear can and should have additional advantages – quality material, pads, gaskets for articular places. The longer you spend time in the cold, active, the more moisture resistant the material should be.

For walking around the city, the most budget options are suitable, but not in quality – by the absence of dopphunces.


Good underwear does not constrain movements, fits in size, has no seams on hand and sides. They are not needed there, and if there is, then you need to think about the quality of thermal underwear.

It is difficult to distinguish a fake, so check the seams in unnecessary places, ask about the production of material and make sure that you trust the supplier. Specialized stores will offer more choice and are responsible for the brand, so there will be less errors here.

We summarize:

Thermal underwear is similar to the second skin – it does not squeeze, but does not hang out either;

seams from the outside and only where they cannot be avoided;

You will not sweat and do not smell;

After washing, nothing stretches and does not pour.