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Wooden houses. Always fashionable and environmentally friendly

Since time immemorial, a person has used a tree to build his home. With the advent of new building materials, the tree has lost its wide popularity. But if you want to build an ecologically clean house, glued beam will be a great choice of material for construction. The advantage of a house from glued beams is that its sizes are standard, it does not require additional processing during the construction of the house. In addition, glued beam is not afraid of moisture and is not subject to decay, unlike natural wood.

Wooden houses made of glued beams, unlike stone houses, have a slight total weight. Therefore, for their construction there is no need to arrange powerful and strong foundations, which significantly reduces the total cost of building a house. The type of chosen foundation can be columnar or screw – depending on the nature of the soils at the construction site.

Unification and standardization of projects of buildings from glued beam allows you to purchase a house disassembled, you get all the necessary designs and elements. It remains only to assemble your home as a children’s designer. A large number of finished projects have been developed, for almost every taste and level of prosperity, it is possible to familiarize themselves with all of them on the Homka2000 website, where a collection of the best projects implemented in life is selected.

When using glued beams, you can build not only a residential building, but also other structures – baths, arbors, summer kitchens. Almost any building of small number of storeys can be built from glued beams. Solid construction companies provide a service such as turnkey construction.

After all the work is completed, you can immediately move into a ready -made house in which all the necessary additional work has been performed – internal finishing, landscaping, landscaping of the territory. Such a service is beneficial for those who do not have the skills of conducting construction work or do not have enough free time. Representatives of the company are always ready to provide qualified assistance on any issue regarding both glued beams and the construction of houses from it. It is enough to visit the Homka2000 website, and online get a quick and exhaustive consultation from a qualified specialist.