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Summer garden benches

Thinking about the arrangement of the summer garden, the attentive owner of the site will have to think about the acquisition of many useful things, without which the summer garden will not look like a real garden. It will be necessary to thoroughly think about lighting, fertilizers and garden paths. And, of course, where without benches, where you can relax during the evening promenade?

It should be admitted that in recent years, solid wooden benches, which are most popular, are most popular with beauty, practicality and acceptable price. But such benches in our dank cheese climate have a short service life, if they do not care for them in time: to varnish or paint, and in winter and close with strong plastic film. But if these preventive work is not carried out on time, it will be possible to expect that the tree will dive, darken and begin to crumble. And literally a few years will pass as you have to think about installing new wooden benches. But why should you spend solid amounts every time when it is possible to solve this problem once and for all by installing reliable summer benches made of natural stone?

Now in our market the most popular material used to build environmentally friendly benches is white or even colored marble, characterized by ease of processing, low price and stylish “natural” tint. The plus of the selection of marble will have to be correlated by the fact that it will look great in any type of design of the summer garden.

Quartzite or granite is considered more expensive and high -quality material. Such material is distinguished by phenomenal durability.

If you use real granite when building benches, you can achieve two in one, t.e. The exceptional beauty of this material will perfectly combine with its unique durability. By the way, it should be added that natural granite begins to collapse only after 600-700 years. And if the summer garden breaks down for a long period of time, then it will be a smart solution to opt for artificial material, but on a natural granite.

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