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Radiators in heating systems

The heating system is represented by a closed network equipped with pipes, a boiler and heating appliances. The heating system is a localized chain that is filled with a liquid heat conductor. The boiler is considered a special device. It is often compared with the heart of the heating system, it is there that thermal conductor is heated.

Further, with the help of a circular pump, a large house is heated through the system channels. Maintaining a stable state of work occurs using the basic parts of the heating system, as well as with the help of other small, but important details. To ensure compensation for an inevitable increase in fluid, you will need a tank to expand. The pipes circuits are characterized by the use of fittings, and for the system – supplying air valves.

Radiators are an important part of the heating network. Heating in the room will depend on the existing parameters of the battery. In an aesthetic sense, radiators can be called the “face” of the heating system. For the manufacture of modern radiators, the use of various materials is used. If desired, it is possible to carry out the necessary painting of the existing complex of batteries in any color of the rainbow.

Heating and water supply of a country house

As the most optimal choice, the installation of a combined boiler operating on one type of fuel can be the installation of a combined boiler. It is equipped with such a special design in which the fuel is completely burned, with a noticeable increase in the efficiency of the boiler.

Choosing pipes for water supply

In our time, steel pipes are widespread. Industry produces various types of steel pipes: seamless, spirals, straight -line, etc. One of the main advantages of steel pipes is their very high strength. And having such high strength, steel pipes do not threaten sharp pressure drops.

Installation of water supply systems

A comfortable country house no longer seems without a water supply system. Nowadays, technology is constant permanent improvement, therefore, the installation of water supply and the installation of systems must be approached systematically. Such work should be entrusted to specialists who have experience in design and installation, as well as installing water supply equipment.