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Protection of networks and computer systems

Protection of networks and computer systems is an essential part of the security of a company or organization. To carry out the procedure efficiently, it is necessary to attract qualified specialists. They will give a Vulnerability Assessment and propose a number of measures to strengthen it.

Security Assessment Concept

Security evaluation requires a full set of measures to determine the composition of the system, methods and features of the interaction of its elements. To identify all opportunities and identify any shortcomings, Vulnerability Assessment Services from CQR are offered.

Among the main actions included in this service are:

  1. Determining the composition of the system, where the network and server infrastructure, its hardware and software features are studied.
  2. The main vulnerabilities and possible risks during operation are identified. This also includes the possible actions of a person included in the chain of actions.
  3. The degree of protection from external and internal threats is determined.

Such a safety assessment is recommended to be carried out at least twice a year; if more reliable protection is required, then more often.

Composition of actions taken

Among the main activities that need to be carried out to clarify a set of problems and methods for solving them are:

  1. Conducting a deep and full-scale analysis of all components of a system or network, studying the infrastructure.
  2. Audit of existing errors and vulnerabilities, which includes a detailed analysis of all problems in the application, internal and external services used, and the actions of people involved in interaction with the infrastructure.
  3. Carrying out work in manual mode, when the code is examined in detail, the presence of errors, and deficiencies and vulnerabilities are identified. Then an automatic check of attacks is carried out, which allows you to determine in real time how well the protection copes with its functions.
  4. Identified vulnerabilities are logged, the causes of their occurrence are determined, and recommendations for correction are drawn up.

All communication protocols and application interactions are subject to verification. The company can perform any work to improve security and eliminate various vulnerabilities. This can be taken into account when drawing up a contract, when, along with identifying deficiencies in protection, work is underway to correct them.

Based on the research performed, the managers and personnel of the customer company receive all the necessary information on further actions.