Oregano is a symbol of women’s happiness and fertility.

Everyone knows such a plant as oregano. Often, it can be found in the composition of shower and bath foams. This is due to the fact that the plant has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Nowadays, when every second suffers from nervous disorders, oregano – just an essential phyto drug to improve and maintain the tone of all systems. Children of 12-16 years old are in dire need of its use. At this age, the child matures sexually, becomes nervous and depressed. Parents should understand that it makes no sense to shout and punish, you need to influence the outside world. Decoction of oregano will help cope with mental stress and constant stress, balance the nervous system and give peace of mind.

The oregano herb has a bactericidal, antimicrobial effect. People with especially oily skin type are advised to wash their faces with the infusion of oregano herb. For this purpose take a tablespoon of grass, grind it to powder and brew with a liter of boiling water. Stir. Once the decoction has cooled, you can wash your face. It is recommended to clean skin with a cotton ball three to four times a day. If on the surface of the skin there are often some purulent rashes, boils, blackheads – you can use lotions and compresses.

To do this, in a saucepan pour 0.Boil 5 liters of water and add a teaspoon of oregano flowers. Soak bandages in the decoction, squeeze slightly and bandage the affected surface. Leave it on for an hour, then change it. After a couple of days you can expect improvement.

Since ancient times, oregano is considered a symbol of women’s health and beauty. Decoctions of oregano are used as douches and lotions. Oregano herb helps to normalize menstrual cycle and rehabilitate after a difficult delivery. It is recommended that during painful menstruation girls combine the flowers of oregano with peppermint, brewed as a tea and consumed during the day. Its flowers have a strong analgesic effect.

Its wonderful aroma is used not only in perfumery, but also as inhalations in the treatment of unusual chronic diseases of the main respiratory tract. It is a strong formula that allows you to feel relief on the second session. Sputum goes away, the cough stops, and breathing improves.

This medicinal plant is an excellent preparation, but you need to be careful with it. Pregnant women are forbidden to drink tea with oregano flowers, as it can cause an arbitrary abortion due to uterine contractions. Men at any age should not use oregano preparations, even as inhalations. The plant is bad for men’s health, it reduces potency, the use can lead to infertility.