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How to choose a water heater for a home

Water is a source of life. Hot water is a source of cleanliness and comfort. Our housing and communal services properly does not supply us with hot water, or even completely stops its supply.

So that hot water will appear in our house again, we should buy a water heater.

There are flowing and storage water heaters. Proporals will perfectly cope with a small amount of water heating. The smaller pressure of the water we supply, the warmer the water will be at the output and, accordingly, the other way around. A significant disadvantage is the high power of consumption, which becomes uncomfortable for the consumer.

A storage -type water heater is an excellent choice with a large water consumption. Based on the calculation of 30-50 liters per day per person, then the minimum volume of such water heaters is 50 liters.

Basically, all water heaters are powered by an electrical network, they rarely occur on gas.

With a storage water heater in a large volume (100 – 500 liters) you can take a good steam in the bathroom without limiting yourself in time. A significant advantage of this water heater, compared with the flowing, is a low load on an electric network. But the main inconvenience is, of course, large dimensions.

The materials that consist of a tank cover, such as titanium, enamel, glass factory, perfectly retain heat. But more practical is considered to be stainless steel coating.

The water heaters also includes a check valve that protects the tank from an excess of pressure (when heated, the water has the ability to expand, which leads to an increase in pressure). In case of increase in pressure through the check valve, a small amount of water will be discharged. This will protect the water heater from undesirable consequences. Installation of the check valve on the water heater must be mandatory. The kit also includes mounting brackets for reliable fastening of the water heater.

Installation of the device, its connection and starting into operation should be carried out by specialized personnel.

The service life of the water heater is directly related to the quality of the tap water. Mirkli’s specialists recommend installing Ariston to install a filter, which should be replaced periodically. The thermostat will help us to adjust the temperature of the heated water. And the water flow indicator will show us how much water we spent.

And finally, to decide on the choice of the device, whether electric or gas, calculate how much hot water you need, determine the model and place of installation of the water heater.