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Excursion bus tours in Europe

One of the most budget types of tourism is the excursion bus tours in Europe. They are often considered inconvenient, and that from fatigue along the way, many are no longer interested in inspecting the sights of European cities, but each person has their own needs. Someone needs down feather beds, and the other will tolerate the night on the bus in order to fulfill his dream and visit, for example, in Paris or Venice.

Indeed, the bus crossing is heavy, but this does not stop many, because the cost of the tour is low, and for one trip you can visit several countries at once. First of all, you need to choose a proven travel agency. You can see ratings on the Internet or listen to the advice of friends and acquaintances who have personally used the services of such companies. Even if you live, for example, not in the middle lane of Russia, but the agency itself is located in Moscow, you can not go to the capital, and via the Internet or telephone negotiations about everything, draw up a visa and other documents. It may be necessary to make a passport in Moscow, if this was not done in advance, for entry into some countries (this should be warned at the agency where you buy a tour). When everyone is ready, at the appointed time the whole group is gathering at the station where the guide awaits. The group together with the guide sits on the train and goes to Belorussian Brest. It is from there from the CIS countries that tourist buses are departed.

It is better to buy a currency of 10 euros in advance for small purchases and to pay in cafes and stores. A trifle will then appear by itself from the change. It can also be used in a cafe, snack, paid toilets, souvenir shops, etc. D. More expensive purchases can be paid with a plastic card. Do not take a lot of cash with you. The card is much safer. It is better to take everything proven and comfortable from clothes, especially for shoes. It will not be up to beauty when you have to make long walks. It is better to even take two pairs of comfortable shoes.

From clothing will not hurt to take a waterproof jacket with you, a sweatshirt with a hood. Some take a warm blanket on the bus just in case. The bus of increased comfort itself. Inside there is air conditioning, TV and toilet. But the toilet is used only in extreme cases. You can go to a tour, where all the nights will be on the bus itself, while the bus will move from one city to another, or a tour with nights in hotels. The second option is more convenient, but in this case you will have to spend precious daytime on moving.

A good trip and new impressions to you if you are going to travel by bus in Europe!